Specialised in industrial handling technology, we design customized plating plant cranes.

IB Motion was established based on the experience of its founder, the engineer Yuri Bertelè, in plant design, with special focus placed on the area of metal surface treatment. Today the Brescia, Italy-based company operates throughout northern Italy, is the point of reference for large plating plant manufacturers and for companies in the sector that are looking for a totally custom-made crane design service. With its in-house technical office and its collaboration with qualified mechanical and industrial design professionals, IB Motion offers customized, efficient and maximum quality solutions to meet the different requirements of galvanic industry operators.

Our crane design service includes all of the steps and operations needed to offer each customer the most adequate and top performing handling technology for their business. It starts from the feasibility study and continues on with the layout and working drawings, bills of materials and user manuals. We fully manage the works in-house and guarantee compliance with legislation. By using next generation 3D software, we also make detailed FEM structural analyses that allow us to optimize the material performance by assessing stress and strain. Moreover, movement simulations are made to perfectly determine the efficiency of the handling crane functions.


Specialized expertise in the plating sector, use of advanced technologies for designing cranes and many years of experience in surface treatment plants are IB Motion’s key features, which allow the company to best understand and even anticipate its customers’ primary needs, with a view to ensuring efficiency and long-term performance.


Starting from the specific requirements of each customer, the IB Motion crane design department develops totally customized handling solutions based on capacity (for medium, light or heavy weights, up to 5 tons), functions, type of treatment and degree of corrosiveness of the work environment. IB Motion’s cranes for frames and plating barrels are used in any type of plating plant, from anodizing and electroplating systems to electropolishing, painting and chrome-plating.

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