We build customized plating plants conveyors for galvanic plants and companies, and we make customized cranes for rack and barrel plating plants based on any need and type of surface treatment.

To guarantee the utmost efficiency of the surface treatment plants, IB Motion is specialized in manufacturing customized cranes able to fully meet and satisfy the technical and function customer needs, offering the entire plant top performance and greater safety and easy use to the operators. Top material and component quality, low maintenance and outstanding ergonomics form the foundation of our crane production, which provides tangible operational benefits for every company, starting from the elimination of long and costly plant downtime due to repair work. By personally managing every processing step – from preliminary consultancy and design up to construction and start-up – we build cranes for several plating plant capacities, for light and medium weights up to 500 kg and for heavy loads up to 5 tons, after singling out the best technical and mechanical solutions.

The rack and barrel cranes of the IB Motion production are designed and built in total compliance with the legislation in force and meet the highest design and construction standards. We pay special attention to selecting the best electrical materials and we use only upmarket components that are certified and warranted by the major international manufacturers, such as the SEW brand gearmotors, SKF bearings and thrust bearings and the Metalwork and Festo pneumatics. In order to offer our customers a system distinguished by outstanding performance over time, we also carry out meticulous protective surface treatments, such as sandblasting and multi-layer epoxy paintwork, as well as high-quality processes like Teflon® coating, able to ensure the transport wagons an extended life cycle and excellent performance, even in hostile environments.


The solid technical and technological know-how and many years of experience gained in the galvanic industry allows us to offer a reliable and safe crane production while guaranteeing functions not to be ignored such as repetitive movement, total compliance with the parameters provided by the operator and maximum efficiency of the electrical components.


IB Motion assists plating plant manufacturers and the companies of the sector by providing a thorough preliminary consultancy service with the goal of designing and building customized cranes, meaning that they are properly sized based on the specific production capacity, types of treatment, location of the plants and the required functions.
Our technical office is also available to companies to offer advice on improvement interventions, from assessing energy efficiency to the more evolved design solutions, and also checking air suction systems and their efficiency. Upon request, we personally manage every job order by providing support during the cost estimate stage, choosing the best-suited plant solutions and coordinating orders, suppliers and collaborators.


In addition to making customized plating plant cranes, IB Motion is a complete point of reference for building special machinery to be installed in many different industrial sectors. We guarantee top performance, solidity, easy use and safety to surface treatment plants.

  • Cranes for capacities up to 5 tons
  • Support structures and runways
  • Hoisters for off-line frame bars
  • Mechanical handling
  • Mechanical conveyors on rails and tanks


We perform complete revamping on malfunctioning plating plants cranes with the goal of delivering perfectly overhauled and top-performing racks and plating barrel handling technologies to the customer. More specifically, we assess the state of wear and corrosion and the total revamping of transport wagons and movement mechanisms, such as the mechanical motion systems and automatic covers on treatment tanks. To ensure that the revamped systems optimally perform over time, we carry out specific processes to protect the surface of the components subject to corrosion, such as epoxy painting and Teflon® coating, in compliance with the specifications and standards established in the UNI EN regulation in force.


Depending on the requirements of each customer, the plating plants conveyors built by IB Motion can be automated by the customer or, upon request, be supplied complete with control unit already programmed by our engineers. Since the IB Motion plating plants cranes are built with utmost simplicity and ergonomics, they are quickly installed and intuitively started up by the operator.

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